Eneida opened her bakery 23 years ago.  She started making cakes at her house in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico as a hobby.  Eneida enjoyed making cakes so much,  that she started making cakes for family and friends.  She had no idea that everyone was going to love them so much.  Her business started growing in a blink of an eye, and since then she hasn’t stop.  

As of today she has thousands of customers.

Doris is Eneida’s daughter and she has been following in her moms steps.  She started making cakes  and gourmet pastries for friends and family as well, in San Antonio, Texas.  Doris will be opening her business very soon under the name of Sweet Temptations.  For all of those sweets lovers out there, Sweet Temptations will be offering products like, Quesitos, Pastelillitos de Guayaba, Brazo Gitano(Roll Cake), Flan, Nutella Pockets, home made cookies, Cakes from scratch (wedding, quinciañera, birthdays…)etc… 

We hope you will be part of our business.

Coming soon… We will be selling our products online, for those customers that don’t have the accessibility of coming to our stores.


4 Responses to About

  1. oh my gosh , those cakes are amazing!! cant waitt to have one for my quince:)

  2. Kayla says:

    I love your cakes…

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